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    Breast Cancer Facts & Information

    Breast cancer A-Z glossary of terms

    Find out how to talk about breast cancer with our hyperlinked guide
    to medications, diagnostic terms and other breast cancer buzz words ...

    Images of Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer pink ribbonLearn more about breast cancer    
    Get tips, advice and facts on lumps, bumps and risk factors,
    how to's for prevention, and more on genetics & family history ...

    Breast Cancer Resources

    Alternative cancer treatments Finding doctors Prosthetics
    Clinical trials Hotlines


    Diet & nutrition Patient assistance Surgery
    Diagnostic tools Prevention Treatments
    Breast Cancer Support

    Breast cancer mythsBreast Cancer Myths, and Real Risks
    Is it contagious? Caused by antiperspirants? Cured with mega-vitamins? And other stories that have circulated throughout the years in our guide that helps separate the facts from popular myths that continue to persist about breast cancer ....

    Paget's disease of the nipple
    Paget's Disease - A Rare Form of Breast Cancer
    Usually appearing as a red rash around the nipple, Paget's Disease is sometimes confused with more dangerous Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). This rare expression of breast cancer is not immediately life-threatening, but does require proper diagnosis & treatment ....

    More breast cancer articles ...


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