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    Breast Cancer News, Facts & Information

    More Asian-Americans Are Facing Breast
    Cancer And Westernization May Be Why

    Risk factors such as drinking more, eating a typical American diet, being obese, and getting less exercise may be the cause.
    This Woman's Breast Dimpling Was
    Her Only Sign of Breast Cancer

    It’s also possible to have breast dimpling and not have have breast cancer. But it shouldn't be written off.
    Fighting the Extraordinary: One Woman's Reflections on Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

    "Breast cancer is anything but normal. This is not the kind of extraordinary that I dreamt of in my youth."
    UW-Madison study trys to unlock
    secrets of 'exceptional survivors'

    Sixteen years and six recurrences later, Tammy Mocarski is surviving the odds. Is it genetics? Immune system? Lifestyle?

    Breast Cancer Resources

    Breast cancer mythsBreast Cancer Survivor Stories

    Almost all breast cancer patients in a dark moment suddenly think: "This was not in the script!" Survivorship stories are signposts along the road to recovery with inspiration for the newly-diagnosed or for those currently under treatment. They impart the message: "Yes, you can do this."

    Breast cancer mythsBreast Cancer & Prosthetics

    Before making a purchase, find out what your medical insurance will cover. Typically, medical plans will pay for a new prosthesis every two years. If medical bills are piling up, there are even do-it-yourself sewing or knitting projects that enable you to craft a homemade prosthesis.

    Paget's disease of the nipple
    Breast Cancer Prevention

    Regular breast self-exams, maintaining a healthy diet, and watching your weight are just a few of the practical steps to avoid breast cancer. Obesity, in fact, has been shown to be one of the major risk factors when it comes to breast cancer.

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