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    Breast Cancer News Updates

    Komen reverses funding decision for Planned Parenthood
    Well, that was fast: days after the decision not to renew breast cancer screening
    funding for Planned Parenthood, the Komen Foundation reversed it's decision
    under mounting protests and even apologized to the American public ...

    Pink Ribbons, Inc.: Don't March. Get Mad.

    Breast Cancer Facts & Informaton

    Breast cancer A-Z glossary of terms

    Find out how to talk about breast cancer with our hyperlinked guide
    to medications, diagnostic terms and other breast cancer buzz words ...

    Images of Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer pink ribbonLearn more about breast cancer    
    Get tips, advice and facts on lumps, bumps and risk factors,
    how to's for prevention, and more on genetics & family history ...

    Breast Cancer Resources

    Alternative cancer treatments Finding doctors Prosthetics
    Clinical trials Hotlines


    Diet & nutrition Patient assistance Surgery
    Diagnostic tools Prevention Treatments
    Breast Cancer Support

    Breast cancer mythsBreast Cancer Myths, and Real Risks
    Is it contagious? Caused by antiperspirants? Cured with mega-vitamins? And other stories that have circulated throughout the years in our guide that helps separate the facts from popular myths that continue to persist about breast cancer ....

    Is Flaxseed the New Soy?
    First, soy was suggested as a good food to help prevent breast cancer. Now flaxseed shows continued promise in lowering estrogen levels and slowing breast cancer tumor growth. Is flaxseed all that fabulous? After several years of research, results are still preliminary ....

    Paget's disease of the nipple
    Paget's Disease - A Rare Form of Breast Cancer
    Usually appearing as a red rash around the nipple, Paget's Disease is sometimes confused with more dangerous Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). This rare expression of breast cancer is not immediately life-threatening, but does require proper diagnosis & treatment ....

    Why DON'T You Get a Mammogram?
    Take Our Poll

    More breast cancer articles ...

    Breast Cancer News Updates

    Breast Cancer News Top Stories

    Ladies, get cracking: walnuts may protect your breasts
    Walnuts are loaded with antioxidant polyphenols, compounds that interact with free radicals to stabilize them and prevent them from wreaking havoc on our cells ....

    Breast Cancer Risk Lower Among Regular Coffee Drinkers
    Scientists compared the lifestyles of females with breast cancer and those without. They were matched for age. Then they gathered data on their coffee consumption ....

    Some Breast Cancer Patients May Not Need Lymph Node Surgery
    In a groundbreaking report, radical removal of all of the lymph nodes did not improve chances of surviving or avoiding a recurrence, compared with leaving the nodes behind during breast cancer surgery ....

    New Breast Cancer Combo Drugs for Early Stages
    Using two drugs that more precisely target tumors doubled the number of women whose cancer disappeared compared to those who had only one of the drugs ....

    Asthma drug prevents spread of breast cancer: study
    Research indicates that a common drug used to treat asthma in Japan and Korea has been shown to keep breast cancer cells from growing and spreading ....

    Pregnancy Does Not Boost Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Despite fears to the contrary, risks of recurrence among those who are pregnant are actually lower according to the study ....

    Experimental Research Targets Breast Cancer
    Maytansine, an antibody substance found in trees, exhibits the potential for fighting cancerous cells ...

    An aspirin a day may keep breast cancer away
    The study involved only more than 100,000 women, but the findings show that aspirin may indeed be the miracle drug that also helps avoid heart disease and other cancers ...

    Breast Cancer Risk Higher For City Dwellers
    Is it lifestyle, stress, work related, or pollution? Researchers would like to know ...

    Overreacting to Alchohol's Breast Cancer Risks
    Wired Science argues that moderation in all things is the key to good health. In fact, doesn't alchohol help to reduce stress - a major risk in developing disease? ....

    Hypnosis eases breast cancer pain
    The relaxation technique can reduce the pain breast cancer patients feel and reduce the need for anasthetic before surgery, a study reveals ...

    Meat, Sweets Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Chinese women who change from a traditional soy and vegetable diet, to one rich in red meats and sweet desserts, are more likely to develop breast cancer ...

    Fewer Women Getting Mammograms
    Percentages of women who schedule regular mammograms has been seen to drop between 200-2005, with rising concerns that complacency may up future rates of women diagnosed with the disease ...

    Breast Cancer Patients Urged To Exercise
    No need for a personal trainer. A good brisk walk everyday may be just what the doctor ordered ...

    Computer Interpretation Of Mammograms No Better Than Experienced Eye
    CAD screening leads to increase in false positives, higher re-screening costs for hospitals, and more stress & anxiety for patients ...

    More Breast Cancer News Resources


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